Women's journeying group

Landscape with path in centre

The women's journeying group has a one-year cycle, but can also progress to two years for those who want to go deeper into the work. It is a closed group, allowing for deep interaction, intimacy and sharing.

The purpose of the group is to open more fully to inner knowing, higher self, and all that guides and supports us. To bring healing to aspects of ourselves that prevent us from feeling connected and living authentic lives.

Often we have a sense that we are being authentic, but we know that there is something missing. As we journey into these feelings there are many valid reasons that we have learnt to hide, protect, shut ourselves down or defend ourselves. This however, can leave us with a feeling of being 'dis-connected'. These behaviour’s become outdated in time, and can get in the way of our connection to the source of life, and to our capacity to have truly meaningful and deep relationships with all beings.

In order to access some of these wounded places, and the stories we carry, safety is paramount. The journey and the energy of the group provides the possibility of experiencing how it is to be held, and witnessed. For some women it is the first time aspects of them selves have ever been witnessed, which can be transformative in itself. Through practices and tools, we learn to embody that holding and witnessing for ourselves.

As a part of that journey we are inevitably confronted with all that contradicts our highest expression - the places of hurt, rage, grief, despair, longing, abandonment, loss, and all that in makes us human. It is not our purpose to get rid of these places, but to befriend, witness and eventually learn to hold ourselves fully, so that we are in an empowered place, at the center of or being, co-creating our own lives.

In the group we use shamanic tools- journeying, ceremony, movement and questing as well as processing tools. It is deep soul work, and a mixture and culmination of all that Fiona has used and worked with in her life journey to date

Format for the year.

You will have an individual session and a group meeting once a month. Over the year the group meetings will include two fire ceremonies, and a 'night out' questing on the land.

Prior to joining the course you will be required to have had at least 2 individual sessions with Fiona. 



Comments from previous groups.


In my work with Fiona I have learnt to acknowledge and express some of my deepest wounding…stories of my life have been validated, so that now I can move on.

Fiona creates a really safe place that is energised and sacred.

To experience feelings of shame and guilt, lack of self-worth and fear are difficult places to bear, but with Fiona’s compassion, guidance, support, understanding and love I always felt safe and held.

Fiona has led me to places of inner knowing and truth. It is a profoundly humbling journey of self -discovery.

Sometimes I get to gaze and wonder, when I glimpse a sense of my own true self..to have my story witnessed has placed importance on my life. I no longer feel unworthy, or if those emotions arise they have less power and I can hold myself.

Fiona -Your profound holding of the group, deep understanding, encouragement and extraordinary empathy allows me to experience what my body chooses to express.

I was warmly held by Fiona’s care, attention and sensitivity. The presence she encourages us to provide for each other is really essential in teaching us how to deepen together and be present in relationships.

Fiona’s sensitivity, and understanding and communications with the spiritual dimensions are inspiring me to trust my own guidance.



Fire woman.