Birth Consultant

Pregnant belly.



I have been involved in birth and midwifery since 1993. I started as a lay midwife, and then trained in the NHS and went on to work as an Independent midwife for 10 years.

I am currently practicing as a Birth Consultant, offering individual sessions- to prepare for birth or de-brief from birth. I have co-founded Sacred-Birthing,( which currently offers an Advanced Doula, Birth Assistant Training with Basic Midwifery Skills; supervision, mentoring, and pregnancy retreats.

I am passionate about natural birth, and see myself as a 'safe-keeper of the ancient craft of midwifery. I am eager to stay open to how birth is evolving, and to the consequences these changes are having on women and the implications for birth supporters.

 I am passionate about supporting women to feel empowered by their birth choices and experiences, however and whatever they are. Hospital midwifery is starting to become a place of trauma, with both women and midwives feeling traumatized by the birth experiences. This is so far from the Sacred Rite of Passage I believe and have experienced birth to be. I offer individual sessions preparing for birth, and debriefing after birth, and am available to talk and run workshops on birth as a Sacred Rite of passage.

  • Antenatal and postnatal.
  • Birth plans/general advice.
  • Debriefing from previous birth(s)
  • Support with preparing birth as a rite of passage/the spiritual dimension.
  • Talks
  • Workshops. 


Fiona holding a new born baby.

‘Thank you so much for all your help and guidance over the past few months, and for giving our precious girl the perfect start in life.’

‘Thank you for all you did to make this birth so healing and so different to my previous experience. I feel so happy, and relaxed and so able to be present with my darling… The birth was amazing, more than I dared hope for and I feel that all the emotional work you supported me in, was what made the difference this time. I am so deeply grateful.’


‘Thank you for all your support, advice, help and most of all your patient listening, throughout my pregnancy and birth- always supported through the physical ups and downs and this is what made the massive difference second-time around…without you ,I would not have the precious memories of Ben’s birth.’

‘You were such a big part of our magic night helping us bring safely into this world our two darling angels. You showed great courage and a wonderful combination of intuition and experience. Thanks for your trust and faith in us.’

‘A pleasure to experience proper midwives once again. A big thank you for all your time, care and support you have provided over the last months, which has made a big difference to me and my family.’

‘Thank you for being our midwife. I could not have received better care. Thank you for believing I could do it. We will remember you always.’

‘ our gratitude for the enormous contribution your role played –you added a special something. I felt your kindness, compassion, patience and sincerity in my antenatal care, during the birth and postnatally, it really helped. I will always have positive memories of the experience.’

‘Thank you from all three girls for your warmth, wisdom and support right into the depths of the birth journey and out the other side.’

‘Every so often you meet someone who completely changes your life. You have been one of those people for me and I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude for what you have done. You have gone beyond the call of duty in helping me, and us as a family, both over the past months and during and after the birth. Your patience and understanding has been second to none. You have reawakened my spiritual side and given me confidence in my own abilities. You have been like a counsellor, a mother, a friend and a spiritual guide as well as a midwife. Thank you form the bottom of my heart’



Pregnant Belly.