Individual Sessions


Individual sessions.

What you can expect?

The session will last about an hour. First Fiona will burn some sage, a way of marking and helping you to be aware you have moved from consensus reality to a healing space.

She will invite you to talk about what you want or need, what is going on that you want help or healing with. It might be that you lie down and you journey into your body, or to the sound of a drum. It might be you carry on talking, or work with old memories dreams and old stories. The session is led by you with Fiona is your guide. She is the midwife, holding the space so that a new understanding, experience, or perspective can come through. It might be you have strong emotional feelings that need to be expressed – grief, rage, despair, or confusion and these need witnessing. The session might include Reiki, physical touch and holding.The session could include prayer or invoking the support from the space that you most trust in; and sometimes Fiona suggests a practice for you to do to support your process.

You can have a one off session or come more regularly, depending on what you want to work with.

People come with to work with:-


 Relationship difficulties,

Health concerns

Emotional blocks

Depression, anxiety

Family difficulties

Or, just because you want witnessing and a place to reflect and develop your awareness.