About Fiona


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‘Birthing the Soul’

Fiona’s work takes many forms but in someway all the threads of her work are concerned with the ‘soul’, healing and supporting and enabling people to be more present and connected in their lives.In 1993, when living in Spain, Fiona started working as a lay midwife. As more women came to her asking for support with their pregnancies and births, She undertook the midwifery training in England and then went on to work as an Independent Midwife. In 2013 she stopped practising independently because the insurance requirements meant it because financially inaccessible for most people.

She returned to the NHS and worked for four years as a health visitor, with a particular focus on maternal and perinatal mental health.She is the co-founder of Sacred-Birthing, which enables her to teach and share all that she has learnt to date.

She is also a shamanic practitioner, and was initiated as a Medicine woman in the Red path in 1997. She works with individuals, runs women's groups and ceremonies and is currently working in Devon, Stroud, and travels to work in other countries.

" Flying on an arrow to the East, through the fires flames I soar on the back of an eagle and then am guided towards the South, to the waters where the children play. Through the crystal tears the water bird glides, flying to the bear in the West - guardian of the Earth's dreams.  When the time has turned, the body tired and slow, I am called by the winds of the North to join the owl on a journey of transformation, in the shadow of the moon. "

Visit Fiona's other website: www.sacred-birthing.co.uk