Moon Group



Full Moon


Moon group is an open group for women, which meets monthly on or as near as possible to the full moon.

This group began in 2004, and there are many threads to the dreaming that birthed it into existence.

The prayer is simply to sit in a circle of women with the elements –earth, fire, air, and water. To sit on the earth, to work with the sacred fire, to be present with our breath and to let the waters inside us ebb and flow with the support of grandmother moon.

We take the time out of our busy lives to sit, listen, reflect, empty out, fill up and be witnessed; and then set intentions and send out prayers for the next moon cycle.

To be in sisterhood – and experience all that comes with that: all that we remember, fear, and long for, all that is the same in us and all that differs. The highest dream is to participate in healing the broken threads of sisterhood within us and around us.

It is a safe space to bring your joys and victories and your grief and rage. It is a place to ask for help, to find healing and to ask for blessings.

There will be a drum journey, time to share and be witnessed, receive healing…

Quote sister…poem/song’

Date of next group.


Sacred Fire with grandmothers